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Filters - create and manage
Filters - create and manage

Create filters to show only the leads that match your interest.

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Check this 2 minute video to learn all you need to know about filters.

Create a filter

Above the leads list, click the ย "All leads" droplist to open the filter panel.

In the filter panel you can load, edit, delete and create filters. To create a new filter, click "Create new filter".
In the new filter view, give your filter a name and add the criteria for your filter using groups of AND/OR conditions.

Example, to create a filter showing only leads from Sweden, give the filter an appropriate name ("Sweden") and then set the filter to look for leads where [Country] [is] [Sweden].

Filter options

Choose to filter by these different values

  • Country. Set the filter to show only leads from a specific country.

  • Score. Filter will show leads exceeding a given value.

  • Domain. If you have the script on multiple sites, use this filter to get leads from specific domain(s). Ex. ""

  • Page Url. The filter shows only leads who visited a page on your web site matching your criteria. Note! The url values are only the paths (starting with "/"). Start typing part of a url and we will suggest values based on the data we have.

When creating or editing a filter, check the checkbox for "Show as custom tab" to add this filter as a custom tab above the leads list. A shortcut for your most used filters.

Click "Save filter" to create and save your filter.
Note: Filters are personal and will not show up in your colleagues accounts.

Edit or delete a filter

In the filter panel, click the little cogwheel icon next to your filter to open the options for this specific filter. Choose to edit or delete.

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