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Leadexplorer and GDPR compliance
Leadexplorer and GDPR compliance
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Leadexplorer is created by eMarketeer AB located in Sweden. The service itself is hosted on Amazon Web Services within the EU.

eMarketeer and it's services are compliant with the GDPR which is stated within our DPA. To get a copy you can email

Tracking Script

Leadexplorer uses the visitors IP address to find out if the visit is comping from a network which is used by a company or organization which could be of interest to you. Leadexplorer does no identify individuals unless a visitor provides the data and accepts to be tracked.

Using Leadexplorer and complying with the GDPR

If you use Leadexplorer and want to comply with the GDPR we recommend you do the following:

  • State your usage of Leadexplorer in any places you list your usage of tracking and cookies

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