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Create Leadexplorer web panels in SuperOffice manually
Create Leadexplorer web panels in SuperOffice manually

If you want to manually set up the Leadexplorer web panels in SuperOffice, follow this guide.

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When integrating Leadexplorer to Superoffice Online, these panels are set up automatically. However, you can still have the panels on your On-premise installation of Superoffice by adding them manually. Just follow this guide.


  • You need access to SuperOffice Admin.

Follow these steps in SuperOffice:

1) From SuperOffice CRM, go in to Settings & Maintenance

2) In the "Lists" section, find “GUI - Web panel"

3) Click “+ Add” to create a new web panel in SuperOffice

4) Enter the following parameters for the new web panel

Name: Leadexplorer
Window name: leonsobutton

(See settings below)

Click "Save"

Note: If you have user groups enabled, make sure the new panel is activated for the user groups of your choice.

5) Create yet another web panel by clicking “+ Add"

Name: Leadexplorer Navigator Button

URL: soprotocol:browser.leonsobutton

Window name: Leadexplorer

(See settings below)

Click "Save" (And make sure user groups are selected if used)

You're done! Head back to SuperOffice CRM to test the new web panels.

Now you should see a Leadexplorer button in the left column (Navigator button) and a web panel on the SuperOffice logo button. From this web panel you can log in to Leadexplorer.

If you don't see a Leadexplorer button, it may be because your SuperOffice CRM is cached. Clear the cache by adding "?flush" in your SuperOffice url (in the address bar of your browser) and press enter.

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